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The Babes in the Wood

The Avenue Hall
1st-4th December 1999

Producer    Philip de Grouchy     Musical Director    Martin Patterson

Cast of Characters

Dame Ermintrude Buskin David Tatnall
Richard 'Dick' Buskin Joseph Wright
Wilhemina 'Willie' Buskin Laura Carmichael
Buttons 'their man' Kate Roscoe
Prince Espadrillo Kayleigh Pearson
Princess Moccasin Kirsty Mitchell
Sir Jasper Bettlecrusher Matthew Stocks
Clodhopper - his son Ian Goddard
Stiletto - his daughter Katie Ford
Sneaker Kerry-Jane Lilly
Creeper Gemma Weatherall
Fairy Flip Flop Chloe Akam
Witch Winklepicker Victoria Smith
Plodder the Blunderhorse Catherine Morrow
Plodder the Blunderhorse Rachel Morrow
Mr Plimsoll Peter Smith

Fairy Dancers

Georgina Easton Francesca Wright

The Furries

Rebecca Shutt Bethany Shutt

Villagers, Pupils, HUntsmen, Etc

Paul Beaumont Louise Billows Georgina Easton
Fiona James Rebecca Jones Josie Nicollson
Faye McClure Ruth McClure Amy Mullen
Catherine Pike Alison Scott Bethany Shutt
Rebecca Shutt Nicolas Stocks Robert Weatherall
Francesca Wright