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By Malcolm Sircom

Colbury Memorial Hall
23rd-25th November 2000

Producer    Anita Pritchard     Musical Director    Kate Roscoe

Cast Of Characters

Ebenezer Scrooge Matthew Stocks
Fred Joseph Wright
Fred's Wife Kirsty McClure
Bob Cratchit Ian Goddard
Mrs Cratchit Catherine Pike
Martha Cratchit Laura-Mai Hayles
Belinda Cratchit Amber-Lea Hayles
Peter Cratchit Paul Beaumont
Tim Cratchit Josie Nicollson
Charity Collector Rebecca Weatherall
Charity Collector Kayleigh Pearson
Prologue Soloist Francesca Wright
'Two of a Kind' & 'Dear Old Uncle Scrooge' Soloist Victoria Smith
Turkey Urchin Kirsty McClure
Carol Urchin Francesca Wright
Marley's Ghost Kerry-Jane Lilly
Angel Ellen Sly
Angel Josie Nicollson
Angel Amy Mullen
Devil Christopher Morgan
Devil Matthew Pike
Devil Paul Beaumont
The Ghost of Christmas Past Peter Smith
Scrooge (as a child) Christopher Morgan
Scrooge's Sister (as a child) Ellen Sly
Mr Fezziwig David Winter-Bates
Mrs Fezziwig Chloe Allen
Miss Fezziwig Laura Carmichael
Miss Fezziwig Francesca Wright
Miss Fezziwig Holly Eldridge
Suitor Fiona James
Suitor Thomas Willcox
Suitor Bridget Wilson
Young Scrooge Nicolas Stocks
Dick Wilkins Harry Wilkins
Belle (young scrooge's Girlfriend) Laura Carmichael
Belle (as an elderly woman) Faye McClure
Belle's husband Thomas Willcox
Ghost of Christmas Present Katie Ford
Rapper Gemma Weatherall
Rapper Faye McClure
Rapper Natassha Murrell
Ragged Boy Josie Nicollson
Ragged Girl Amy Mullen
Ghost of Christmas Future Anna Carr
Coffin Carrier Peter Smith
Coffin Carrier Katrina Wilson
Coffin Carrier Holly Eldridge
Coffin Carrier Jonathon Van Dijk
Coffin Carrier Ruth McClure
Old Joe Kerry-Jane Lilly
Mrs Dilber Kayleigh Pearson
An Old Crone Victoria Smith
Merchant Fiona James
Merchant Katrina Wilson
Guest Kao Moore