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The Wizard of Oz

Colbury Memorial Hall
21st-23rd November 2002

Producer    David Tatnall & Wendy South     Musical Director    Hanna McMillan

Cast Of Characters

Farmhand Joe Christopher Pearce
Dorothy Kerry-Jane Lilly
Uncle Henry Will Marks
Aunt Em Amy Bushell
Munchkin Farmer Josie Nicollson
Munchkin Major Christopher Morgan
1st Sorceress of the North Helen Please
2nd Sorceress Louise Sincola
3rd Sorceress Fiona James
Munchkin Barrister Sam Storey
Munchkin Coroner Matthew Pike
Lullaby League Sophie Maddocks
Lullaby League Kirsty McClure
Lullaby League Amy Mullen
Lollypop Guild Will Marks
Lollypop Guild Thomas Williams
Lollypop Guild Daniel Worley
Wicked Witch of the West Holly Howard
Tiddles the Cat Shannon Bennion
Scarecrow Steven Lilly
Tin Man Ian Goddard
Cowardly Lion Joseph Wright
Jitterbug Soloist Kirsty McClure
Jitterbug Soloist Sam Storey
Jitterbug Soloist Jake Willis
Jitterbug Soloist Francesca Wright
Writhing Spirit Rhiannon Cox
Writhing Spirit Sarah Bull
Writhing Spirit Bridget Wilson
1st General Thomas Williams
Private Thomas Smith
General Jamie Aubin
General Christopher Morgan
General Matthew Pike
General Sam Storey
General Jake Willis
Screaming Girl Sophie Maddocks
Screaming Girl Amy Mullen
Lord Growlie Samuel Wyne
Gloria Kayleigh Pearson
Dorothy's Beautician Holly Bostock
Dorothy's Beautician Becca Haslegrave
Dorothy's Beautician Becky Manning
The Wizard of Oz Christopher Morgan
1st Visiting Witch Catherine Pike
2nd Visiting Witch Chloe Allen
Tibia Jake Willis
Servant to Oz Eleanor Everard-Evans
Servant to Oz James Green
Ozmas Connie Mulvehill