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Bugsy Malone

Itchen College
4th-6th December 2003

Producer    Wendy South     Musical Director    Rachel Hackett

Cast Of Characters

Bugsy Malone Joseph Wright
Blousey Malone Kayleigh Pearson
Fat Sam Christopher Morgan
Knuckels Will Marks
Ritzy Thomas Smith
Angelo Guy Passey
Louis Matthew Pike
Snake Eyes Daniel Worley
Joey Thomas Brydges
Dandy Dan Steven Lilly
Doodles Jamie Aubin
Bronx Charlie James Green
Laughing Boy Jake Willis
Shoulders Ben Candy
Benny Lee Andrew Morgan
Yonkers Adam Wyne
Tallulah Holly Howard
Leroy Smith Matthew Pike
Fizzy Sophie Maddocks
Bangles Kirsty McClure
Cagey Joe Guy Passey
Captain Smolsky Peter Miles
O'Dreary Samuel Wyne
Louella Chloe Allen
Dotty Amy Mullen
Velma Josie Nicollson
Tillie Amy Bushell
Loretta Helen Please
Flash Frankie Samuel Wyne
Roxy Frankie Peter Miles
Waitress and Acrobat Louise Sincola
Ventriloquist Helen Please
Dummy Amy Mullen
Singer and Radio Announcer Eleanor Newman
Lena and Paper Boy Shannon Bennion
Undertaker Grace Le Feuvre
Undertaker Alice Raby
Undertaker Sophie Sachrajda
Oscar de Velt Thomas Brydges
Marbini Jake Willis
Barber Rhiannon Cox
Reporter Rhiannon Cox
Reporter Grace Le Feuvre
Reporter Alice Raby
Seymour Scoop & Baby Face Thomas Smith
Sound Man Josie Nicollson
Shady Jamie Aubin
Chinese Laundry Worker Holly Bostock
Chinese Laundry Worker Shannon Bennion
Cook Rhiannon Cox
Looney Bergonzi Daniel Worley