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Trial by Jury

Words by W.S. Gilbert and Music by Arthur Sullivan

The Avenue Hall
29th-30th Nov 1st Dec 1990

Producer    Wendy Dalton     Musical Director    Margaret Hughes

Cast of Characters

The Learned Judge Dominic O'Farrell
The Plaintiff (Angelina) Jessica Orba
The Defendent (Edwin) Alexandra McIntosh
Counsel for the Plaintiff Rosalind Bache
The Usher Micheal Street
Foreman of the Jury Jodi Russell
Associate Clare Marshall
Bridesmaid Alice Braga
Bridesmaid Sarah Miller
Bridesmaid Joanne Short

Members of the Cast

Rae Baker Stephen Hill Joanna Strange
Sarah Biggs Paul Hilton David Stringer
Claire Boardman Margaret Hughes Aleksander Szram
Ian Boardman Richard Jupp David Tatnall
Hester Chillingworth Danielle Kennedy-Donnelly Jenny Taylor
John Coleman Sarah Kennedy-Donnelly Jenny Turpin
Verity Corneby Nicky Kenny Lucy Vanderhoek
Clare Edwards Lucia Latimar Lallie Wadham
Christabel Emmett Katy Lewis Natalie Wilde
Daniel Gallagher Joanne Noyce Eleanor Wrighton
Lucy Gallagher Joanne Ryan Rosalind Zaragoza
Claire Hill Claire Scally